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FTPASS™ Enterprise System Software Solution provides Power-grade visitor management system and process optimization products. This is a cloud- based platform and resides on a tablet-powered kiosk situated at a company's entrance and provides more hassle-free and efficient access to the facility.

This automates the complex process of screening, validating, and monitoring individuals across all of your Premium locations, while meeting customer’s privacy, safety and security compliances.

Who we are

FTPASS™, a product initiative by Facere Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Facere Technologies Pvt. Ltd is an expert in custom software solution. We provide specialized products, IT services, end to end customized solutions to our privileged clients. We use cutting edge technology to convert our client’s simple to complex IT related challenges into their business opportunity for their uninterrupted business continuity and growth as compared to other vendors.

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Our Services

Visitor Management

Facial recognition, badge print, pre-registration, whitelists, alerts, 30 Sec process, multilingual, multi-locations, otp, 2-way communication, ..

Event/Seminar Pass

To make it easy for you to design a singular badge that wows your audience for single or multi-day event with endless options.

Service Pass

Entry became easy for service like maids to enter inside society with a streamline and track based system in the compounded societies.

Delivery Management

Courier or material loaded vehicle that make you easy to keep track of with on spot captures in an one touch solution.

Vendor Management

Bidding vendors and collecting invitees and interacting with them became easier to management and saves lots of time.

Cloud Parking

Check dashboard and book the available slot of parkings online that saves lots of time and gets you assurance immediately.


Touchless/face recognition attendance system lets organisations track their employees and smooth administration managing of time.


Tablet Stand

Kiosk Tablet Stands

At frontdesk or at main gate entry points this can be placed.


Thermal Badge Printer

Badge printing With specific information with image of the visitor.


Badge Barcode Scanner

Used while visiting places inside premise or at exit points.

QR Code

Badge QR Code Scanner

Used while visiting places inside primises or at exit points..


Self & Speed Check-in

30 Seconds for check-in to system.

Facial Recognition

Reads and confirms human face for safety and security.

Badge Printing

Visitor information and his image with qr code for exit.

Two-way Notifications

Two-way notifications enabled for both host and guest

Touchless Entry

Touchless approach helps in Covid19 situations

Multi Languages

Multi languages enabled interface

Multi Locations

Multi locations with centralised cloud access

Encrypt & Compliances

Data encryption and compliances fulfilled that suits to everyone

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₹3,000 /mo


  • 500 Visitors
  • Single Location
  • Badge with Photo & Logo
  • Notifications & Alerts!
  • Pre-registration
  • Whitelist & Blacklist

₹6,000 /mo


  • 1,500 visitors
  • Multiple Locations
  • Event/Seminar Pass
  • Service Pass
  • Touchless Entry
  • Compliment Hardwares

₹10,000 /mo


  • Attendance
  • Vendor Management
  • Delhivery Management
  • Cloud Parking
  • IVR System,OCR & Whatsapp
  • QR/Barcode/RFID Checks
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Features Prospect Premium Power
Locations/Devices Single Multiple Multiple
Visitors 500 1,500 20,000
Users Single Multiple Multiple
Face Recognition
OTP Verification
Badge Print with Photo & Logo
Email Profile to Host
Send OTP to Host
Visitor Logs
Barcode/QR Code Scan
IVR System
OCR Signature Scan
Employee Face Recognition Scanning
Realtime Movements Visitors' Dashboard
Internal (Within system)
External (By web/app)
Emergency Alerts
Late Alerts
SMS Notifications
Email Notification
WhatsApp Alerts
List Available Visitors
List Exit Visitors
Custom Data Search List
Custom Graphical Search
Custom Logs
Visitor Management
Event/Seminar Pass
Service Pass
Attendance Solution
Vendor Management
Cloud Parking
Tablet Stand
Thermal Printer
FT Box with QR Code
Touchless Card Punching Box

Countact Us

What make us different from others?

In existing marketplace you may find various visitor management system softwares but the features offering by FTpass would make you a possible thinking to use in your environment.

We are updated with latest AI & ML technologies available in market that gives you more safety & security and flexible usage.